Blocking Twitter's "someone liked" posts on your timeline using uBlock Origin

Submitted by Silvershock on Thu, 07/20/2017 - 15:57

OK! Twitter's put a new feature into its site and like all new features added to a social media website, it's making people angry. The difference in this case is that folks might actually be justified, rather than simply grumpy. Twitter's latest trick is to add posts that people you follow "liked" to your own timeline, as a way of suggesting content you might like.

At first glance this seems innocuous enough, but the system makes no allowance (and probably can't) for NSFW content. I'll be straight up with you, my reading chums - I am a furry, and gosh darn diddly if some of them furries don't enjoy a robust bit of the ol' pornography on their Twitter feeds. If you're the kind of person that likes to keep their feed clean, but you know a dirty old bastard like me, then Twitter is going to serve you up some nice refreshing hardcore pornography, without warning. (In case you're wondering, of course Twitter didn't include an off switch for this new feature.)

Don't worry though, your pal Silvershock has you covered. If you're using uBlock Origin as your adblocker of choice (available for Chrome and Firefox), you can click on the icon in your taskbar, open the uBlock dashboard, go to the "My Filters" tab and input this short line here:[data-component-context="suggest_activity_tweet"]

Hit "Apply Changes" at the top left, refresh your Twitter feed and voila! Every "suggested activity" tweet will be magically removed. Retweets will still show up as normal.

And yes, before you ask the ironic question, I'll be moving away from the now-ad-riddled Disqus comment module as soon as I've found a good replacement. I'd have happily paid Disqus but the aggressive way they piled that horseshit on makes me feel like I'm being extorted.