Conventions, Spare Time and Phabricator

Submitted by Silvershock on Wed, 08/31/2016 - 12:45

So yeah, development on my various projects kinda froze for a while there. I should explain. I'm staff at a volunteer convention thing here in Vancouver. I've been a volunteer staff lead there for years, even ran the whole shebang once. Well, this year our chairman had to step down partway through the year for personal reasons, and being someone who's been at that level previously, I was asked to step in and take over for the rest of that year's run.

Now I love this particular convention to bits - it's kind of my baby - so I agreed to help them out for the rest of the year and take the chairman role. Being chair takes up a lot of time, and this is where it becomes obvious that this whole post is an excuse for why I've done bugger all on here recently.

The convention is over for the year now, and I've stepped down as chairman to hand on to the next poor sod. In the week since it ran I've made multiple commits to Furloader, so make no mistake: I'm back. I'm working on getting the two halves of the Furloader application talking to each other right now, along with many other things on my to-do list. Hopefully I can post the new Phabricator tracker/wiki/repository manager that is replacing my trusty old Trac system. Eventually there should even be a working CI setup and automatic deployments of the latest Furloader code, but for now I'll settle for fixing that damn e-mail problem in Drupal. ;-)