New Server!

Submitted by Silvershock on Mon, 04/02/2018 - 08:38

If you can see this, you're looking at my new development server. Despite often appearing deceased, I'm always here working on something, and recently I've been looking into several upgrades of my personal infrastructure - new CI system, Docker deployments, etc. My old VPS was OpenVZ-based, so it couldn't handle this. I've just moved over to a new KVM-based host, so expect to see those changes coming in soon. I'm also going to get some artwork made, spruce up this blog a bit, and find a new comment provider that doesn't shit the bed on me three months in. I also intend to get all of my half-finished tutorials finished, because I am allergic to free time and relaxation.

Open VZ? KVM? What?

For those interested, a quick description of what the hell I'm talking about. My public server is a Virtual Private Server, or VPS. Basically it's a virtual machine I rent from a provider, who handle all the pesky uptime stuff for me. The previous VPS was based on Open Virtuozzo, which is a lightweight system where every container/virtual machine on the host system shares the same kernel and associated architecture. This gives these containers much less overhead than full-fat virtualisation, where every VM runs its own kernel, and makes them very efficient.

However, because of the age of the OpenVZ kernel being used (and my provider phasing them out), I was unable to run certain applications, including Docker. Moving to a Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) from the same provider gives me full control, as each virtual machine runs its own kernel rather than sharing one with other VMs on the same host. Now I can install any kernel I like and do basically whatever I want, which includes setting up Docker and other associated apps.